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5' 7
Durham, NC
DUPR 24th world ranking in singles!
Regularly wins against top 40 doubles teams!
19th in the mid-atlantic region!
Gaming Success
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Pickle Pros teams up with top professional players to impart their expertise and skills, catering to players of all levels. Our pros offer weekly lessons around their travel and tournament schedule. This is a prime chance to learn from touring professionals. Don’t pass up the chance to refine your skills and relish an unparalleled learning experience!

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Pickle Pros does not provide refunds, but offers credits towards future lessons instead. If you choose to cancel your registration for any reason or the class needs to be moved, you’ll receive full credit you can use toward another lesson. To recieve full credit, you will need to notify us more than 72 hours in advance. Only a 50% credit is given if canceled within the 72 hours of the class.

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Come rain or shine, our pickleball lessons are indoors in North Raleigh will proceed as scheduled, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all participants.


Rachael James is a professional pickleball player known for her dynamic gameplay and strategic prowess on the court. Standing at 5' 7” and hailing from Durham, NC, Rachael has established herself as a formidable force in the pickleball world.

With a tennis career spanning over a two decades, playing tennis semi-professionally and collegiately for UNC - Chapel Hill, Rachael's dedication to the sport of pickleball has earned her numerous accolades and achievements. She plays pickleball professionally full-time, weekly playing against the top players in the world. She also teaches full-time around her tournament schedule.


For beginners, you want to have a paddle with a big sweet spot. The sweet spot of a paddle is the middle of the paddle. A paddle with a bigger sweet spot is more forgiving and helps beginners make more shots.

GOAT Paddle has an assorment of paddles for any player at any level and age. They last a long time and are a good investment for any player.


Get low! The ball hardly bounces and standing straight up will make it difficult to reamin consistent and win!

The lob is one of the most underutlized shots in pickleball. Choosing when to use the lob will determine how successful the shot will be.

Past and Upcoming Tournaments

January 17th - 21st
APP Punta Gorda
Evie Kenna
Jan. 31st - Feb. 4th
PPA Phoenix
Johnny Goldberg
Jessica Wilcox
February 20th - 25th
PPA Mesa
Erik Forsythe
Jessica Wilcox
April 1st - 7th
PPA North Carolina
Jim Dobran
Hailee Haymore
April 24th - 28th
PPA Red Rock Open
Erik Forsythe
Nicole Eugenio
May 7th - 12th
APP Cincinnati
Casey Diamond
May 14th - 19th
PPA Atlanta
Jim Dobran
Hailee Haymore
June 24th - 30th
PPA Orange County
Casey Diamond
July 3rd - 7th
APP Newport
Casey Diamond
August 14th - 18th
PPA Bristol, TN
Danny Jensen
Sept. 11th - 15th
PPA Atlanta Slam
Erik Forsythe
Sept. 30th - Oct. 6th
PPA Virginia Beach
October 10th - 13th
PPA Las Vegas
October 23rd. - 27th
PPA Daytona

Client Testimonials:

Training with Rachel James

Rachael is extremely punctual, sweet, and an amazing coach! She runs this business with integrity and always treats her clients with kindness and respect. A great investment in my skills.

Jade J.
Jade J.

Coach JB is amazing! She’s kind, patient, and very knowledgeable! She makes the practices very enjoyable, and she’s definitely helping me to improve my skills

Siera L.
Siera L.

Coach JB is phenomenal and has made learning a lot of fun, even as a complete beginner! Check her out if you're looking for lessons in the area!

Lulla K.
Lulla K.

Coach JB very patiently and professionally worked with me to improve all aspects of my game and unlearn deeply rooted bad practices.

Andy P.
Andy P.

Coach JB is a great coach! She is extremely patient, as shown by the way she will immediately adapt our lesson if we are still struggling with a previously learned skill. I am grateful that she is so attentive and always provides great guidance on how I can improve. She also makes our lessons extremely fun. I am so glad I invested in lessons, and I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning or improving their game.

Kiera L.
Kiera L.


Rachael James Shocks the Pickleball World with Stunning PPA Mesa Victory

Rachael James, a rising star in professional pickleball, achieved an incredible victory at the PPA tournament in Mesa, Arizona. Teaming up with Erik Forsythe, Rachael took down DJ Young (top 20 globally) and Cass Hoag (top 40 globally) in a thrilling mixed doubles match. Despite the odds, Rachael's relentless training and determination led to this unforgettable win.

Known for her hard work and dedication, Rachael's performance at PPA Mesa showcases her exceptional talent and drive. As she continues to climb the ranks, the pickleball world eagerly watches her journey. With this stunning victory, Rachael James is clearly a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Rachael James Shocks the Pickleball World with Stunning PPA Mesa Victory
Rachael James Triumphs in APP Dallas, Defeating Major League Pickleball Pros
Rachael James Triumphs in APP Dallas, Defeating Major League Pickleball Pros

Rachael secured a victory against Shelby Bates and Allison Philips, both contracted players for Major League Pickleball (MLP).

APP Dallas
Fall, 2023
Rachael James is Proving She’s Unstoppable
Rachael James is Proving She’s Unstoppable

What’s truly electrifying is Rachael’s consistent dominance, no matter who she partners with.

PPA Atlanta, GA
September, 2024
A Standout Competitor in Professional Pickleball
A Standout Competitor in Professional Pickleball

Over the last six months, she has only been defeated by contracted players on the PPA, APP, or MLP tours, never losing to non-contracted players.

Durham, NC
June, 2024